This is where you’ll fine my extra sappy blog post about the entire experience that I’ll write after I’m safe home, and have collected my thoughts.  I’ll probably need some solid time to reflect before this bad boy.


This is an “anticipated and hypothetical week of my life” blog post.


We’re not even done doing this, yet, I’m just anticipating blogging about this.



Wow.  What a trip.  Central/Eastern Europe, my hat is off. 

I’m typing this out on a ferry travelling from Palma Mallorca to Valencia.  It is Saturday, the day before Easter.  It saddens me to watch the boat pull away from this beautiful island.  I made it to this island three times since I arrived in Spain, and some of my best times abroad happened here.  (I’ve also been homeless here for two nights, both of which turned out great!)

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, though, so let’s get right to it.  The boys and I went to the airport on Friday morning, probably my last time in Barajas until it’s time to head home.  We were flying to Mallorca, and catching a layover flight to Bratislava, Slovakia.  We had four hours before our next flight, though, so we had to think of some fun activities to do.  Eddie flew out Thursday night, and he had his homeless night in Mallorca.  He still had his wristband from the all-inclusive resort that we heard OH so much about during the weekend we spent in Mallorca a few weeks ago.  He got to the hotel, ate and drank for free, and went to the beach to sleep.  He woke up to find a man with his hand in his bag, trying to steal things from him.  Sometimes I forget Mallorca is technically Spain.

-This document is 12 pages single spaced on Microsoft Word.  You’ve been warned. - 

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Beautiful weekend full of power tourism and Michael Minnis.  Coming Soon!


The Go! Team, Matt & Kim, no big deal.  Coming soon!


Germans came!  Coming soon!


Coming SLUper soon!


I haven’t forgotten or given up on this blog.  It’ll happen, don’t you worry! :)


Blogging about our weekend in Amsterdam is kind of a trick.  My blogs thus far have had my little brother asking my mom what a prostitute is, and now I am supposed to blog about my weekend in a city where weed is legal, there’s an entire district dedicated to prostitution, and that has a Sex Museum?  Oh boy.


Yeah, we had shades…and socks…

Well, we flew into Eindhoven, which is where Ryan Air, the world’s most hated airline, flies into, because their main objective is to inconvenience their passengers in any and every way possible.  We got off the plane, and went into the airport.  It was so tiny and I think I remembered it smelling bad.  Also, at the very top of the airport, there were vents shooting out smoke, so we walked outside before we were knocked out by whatever poisonous gas they were pumping into the room.

The absolute first thing I noticed is how hilarious the Dutch language is.  For example, their word for “mechanic” is “scheepswerktuigkundige,” which, when translated literally, means “ship-work-took-knowing-person.”  A lot of people who try to make fun of, or attempt speaking Dutch sound something along the lines of “heeben beegleeben dooben shooben.”  Friends, they’re absolutely spot on.  

We hopped on a bus to go to the train station to go to real Amsterdam.  By the time we got to the train station, we were all so starving and desperate for food, we split up to find food.  I found this small convenience store in the station that was selling these two huge shortbread circle-things for about .70 cents.  I went for it.  They were very good, and very cheap!  It actually took me more than a day to finish them both!

The train we got on was very nice.  The chairs were big and comfy, and there was legroom.  I couldn’t remember the last time I’ve experienced legroom before.  It was very nice!  Me and Emma knocked out a Sudoku, and before we knew it, we were in the beautiful city of Amsterdam!

It really is a stunning city, and I highly recommend visiting it to anyone who will be in the vicinity.  It just has such a historic feel to it, and the canals all throughout the city are so cool!

(My camera was dead, and I didn’t feel like buying new batteries for it, so NONE of these pictures are mine.  Most of them will probably belong to Mr. Kyle Ingraham, who takes awesome pictures.)

Amsterdam is a stunningly beautiful place.

And also, bikes.  This picture does NO justice to the amount of bikes in this city.  They have parking garages for bikes.  They have separately paved streets for bikes.  Bikers are king here.  No exceptions.

So we had to take a tram to get to the hotel that we had booked.  There was a catch, though.  We split up, guys and girls, to book the hotel.  The guys room was booked for 2 people.  Which meant there were 2 twin beds in the room.  There were 8 of us.  Buckle up, boys.

We all got on the tram, and the driver told us to go pay the man sitting at a desk in the middle of the vehicle.  Lo’ and behold, there was a desk in the middle of the vehicle, with a black man that eventually yelled at us via intercom for not lining up to pay him quickly enough.

Warning: if you ever find yourself on a tram in Amsterdam, sit down, shut up, and hold on.  I would believe it if Driver’s Ed did not exist in Holland.  (Well, Trammer’s Ed at least)  The tram is INSANE.  We, being from Madrid, and taking either the bus or train to school every day, were very confident in our abilities to handle ourselves in a public transportation-oriented environment.  Some of us hold on to a rail, some of us didn’t.  Some of us sat down, some of us stood up.  Almost all of us, by the time we had disembarked the tram had fallen on something, or someone (most likely a nice old couple just trying to enjoy a trip on a tram that is shockingly legal in a city where you’re allowed to buy sex from a woman).

I had about 70% of this post typed out (which was much longer than I thought it was going to be), and then my laptop overheated and shut down.  So I ended up losing about 60% of my blog post about Amsterdam.  And again now, my laptop is either going to overheat or die within 2 minutes.  So i’ll have to post more later, when I’m patient enough to deal with this horrible excuse for a piece of technology.  I hate saying it every time I do, but me and Niel have both decided to buy Macs as soon as we have the money.  Except before we do ANYTHING with them, we’re installing Windows, so I don’t want to hear anything from any hipster “too cool for school” Mac owners about me switching to the dark side.  I do not like your brand of computer.  I despise your brand of computer.  They just have bigger hard drives, and longer battery life.  The second thing I’m doing to my Mac (after i install Windows) is putting a big fat “I’m a PC” sticker right over the Apple logo.  Ok, MAC/PC rant over.  Time for bed!  Sorry that posting this took so long, I’ll explain that one soon!